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What is iP7? (description in progress)

iP7 is a discussion and evaluation system for solution- and quality-oriented intelligent decision-making and a sample-size independent, free and democratic self-organization. As a scientific measurement and model kit for common goal and welfare and holistic self-reflection of any (political) ideas, methods and performances, iP7 allows a pluralistic and context-oriented mapping of problem spaces, and related solutions, political proposals, actions, community services, tools and many more.

P stands for the result of a specific goal-oriented and quality-related evaluation and therefore conscientious democratic decision processes that are proposed as being essential for intelligent, empathic and self-congruent human decisions in the face of simple or complex/severe psycho-social, economic or ecological problems. Measuring P as universal indicator(s) of the quality of any perception, idea and performance in terms of personal and common values serves to protect an organism of being censored or manipulated in freedom of will and expression, and from being intransparently corrupted/alienated, or infiltrated by external or others interests.

A prerequisite for free and conscientious decisions in self-regulating social organisms, persons and delegates is an unbiased rating and a holistic match of ideas and proposals in question with group-related or personal goals, needs, values, adaptive coping experiences and knowledge or the status quo.We propose 7 different universal P-evaluation processes (with reference to the following 7P-reality or quality criteria), that should be served by common corporations with the greatest possible transparency and freedom of information (i):

        P1 = Priority: What are the most important (P1a) and urgent (P1b) problems / needs? 
        P2 = Pregnance / Precision: How clear is an idea formulated, or an object perceived? How accurate is a performance?
        P3 = Fit (Passung): How good does a proposal match with your/common goals and values, personal/social experiences and expectations?
        P4 = Progressiveness: How much progress or growth do you see in a proposed idea, move or intervention?
        P5 = Potential: How high is the probability of success in personal and/or common interests?
        P6 = Perversion: How much does an idea or action contradicts logic, truth or universal human rights?
        P7 = Power: How much ability and motivation does a person have to fulfill a certain job?

The 7-P criteria are again associated with two opposite dimensions of P+ and P- that are related to positive or negative feelings, and approval or rejection/aversion. We basically propose, that in a real democracy people freely, equally and cooperatively strive to avoid pain (P-) and to sustain or multiply happiness (P+). Therefore our P7-model-kit contains 7 P-criteria for measuring the quality of an idea, proposal or political action, which in turn are associated with 2 abstract dimensions of the common good or puplic welfare P + and P-:

IP7-Overview ENG.jpg

        P+ (happiness/approval) << P1a, P2 to P5, P7; -P1b, -P6
        P- (pain/rejection) << P1b, P6; -P1a, P2 to -P5, -P7
        i (information status / -quality)

The iP7-model kit contains 7 basic universal reality and decision criteria that underly intelligent human self-perception/-consciousness and self-congruent action, and that a (social) organism needs for a democratic self-regulation and self-control while promoting political equality and a holistic, common welfare-oriented approach. With increasing numbers of participants an increasingly precise democratic evaluation of political and economic performances becomes possible, with respect to basic needs and goals of the people, representativeness and constitutionality.

With iP7, a misanthropic policy, company or public acts, that are unlawful and harmful to common goods and health can be detected earlier and by basic democratic consensus - before the principles of human rights and subsidiarity, separation of powers and political equality are violated in the dark field of economic policy corruption... - or before courts are flooded by a high rate of complaints against non-legitimized policy violating human rights... - before the cart, so to speak, is already in the muck...