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PP3 - Pirate Shirt on Tour

As a symbol of the combined roots and similar goals of the European Pirate parties, a T-shirt of the host of the first PP3 conference, the Neustadtpiraten, sets its sail and goes on a long journey ... have a nice trip, dear tshirt, and tell us your stories!!

If you happen to get this T-shirt, travel to a fellow pirate outside your home town, make a nice picture of this place (preferably showing you and the shirt at a popular place in this town) and give the shirt to the next shirt-captain ... if you like, sign the shirt on the back (name, place, date).

Then edit this wiki, add the photo(s) and tell us the stories and adventures the shirt has faced [1].

It would be cool, if the shirt finds its way back to the next PP3-conference held in Pilzen sometime in February 2014. However, if it then tours throug Australia, please send a short greeting foto. Have fun, shirt!

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Fehler beim Erstellen des Vorschaubildes: Ungültige Thumbnail-Parameter
Start of "Tour de Shirt"

Top: Anna K. Vogelgesang (direct candidate of the Neustadt Pirates for the federal parliament in Germany) within the participants of the first PP3-conference held in the Neustadt (Dresden) from 30.08-01.09.2013.

Bottom: Anna hands over the shirt to the first shirt-captain. Farewell shirt, have fun!


[1] If you do not have access to this Wiki, or you feel uncomfortable to edit the official shirt-pages, send a email with all data to <>,<> (subject: "#PP3 #pirateshirtontour"). If you feel uncomfortable in using English, take your native language. There will be somebody to translate it later. Posts on twitter with the hashtag #PP3 and #pirateshirtontour are very welcome!

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