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The next 5 years will be decisive for the future of copyright:
The new EU Parliament will vote on the ACTA zombies CETA and TTIP; both are international agreements,
which are negotiated in secret, heavily influenced by industry lobbyists and regarding copyright
aim to stop online filesharing – for that both agreements would make internet service and access providers
legally responsible for what their users do online and so would turn them into private copyright police
and judge censoring their networks.
In addition to that in the upcoming term the European Commission – so, "the european government" – plans
to make a big copyright reform. As preperation it already has done a consultation in spring 2014 – so, a survey – and
wants to publish a collection of suggestions for how to act on copyright reform til the 18th of June.
We pirates see that today copyright is socially unbalanced and out-dated; we think that copyright needs to be adapted to
the digital reality in which we live so that you and I and everyone else can share culture and knowledge freely on the net.
And as you can see, we will need as much of such people as possible in the next EU Parliament.
We need them so that someone stands up and says...
• "NO" to CETA
• "NO" to TTIP
• "YES" to a big copyright reform and to make sure that it will make our copyright socially balanced and up-to-date

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This is what we've done for the filesharing and streaming community in the EU Parliament


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