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Nick: Aran
Tätigkeit: Altenpflegeassistent
Geburtstag: 1989
Partei: Piratenpartei Deutschland
Eintrittsdatum: November 2011
Landesverband: Baden-Württemberg
Bezirksverband: Karlsruhe
Kreisverband: Pforzheim-Enzkreis
Stammtisch: Pforzheim
politischer Kompass:
mein politischer Kompass
politischer Test:
kosmopol. 67%    national.
laizist. 90%    fundamental.
visionär 88%    reaktionär
anarchist. 56%    autoritär
kommunist. 84%    kapitalist.
pazifist. 61%    militarist.
ökologisch 54%    anthropozent.
Webmail: Form-Mailer
Mail-Adresse: jaegeraran (at) web (dot) de
Twitter: Aranjaeger

"Oh come now, isn't it awful to deceive People? to deceive yourself? What is so bad about doing what I want to do?" "That has nothing to do with it" "I'm what you really want aren't I?" "Hell no" (...) "So arrogant and self-centred. They cry if you get angry, they gossip behind your back, they spread nasty lies... They look at me like some disgusting ... thing. An say That I am a Weirdo. Laughing at me all the while. "You like to sew? what a queer.""Painting is so not you!""But you're a guy.""You don't act like a guy""Why aren't you manly?" What does it mean to be "a guy"? What does it mean to be "manly"?